Abaddon in his gargoyle form, slowly recovering from centuries underwater.

Abaddon is the leading man in Guardian of the Abyss. He is one of the most powerful gargoyles alive. He is also the Progenitor of gargoyles.

General InformationEdit

Abyss Cover

Cover of Guardian of the Abyss


Sarah Holt

Abaddon struggles to adjust to modern life. He was the first to be changed into a gargoyle. He was a simple blacksmith named Villiam, going about life, until he discovered he was an untutored sorcerer. When he fled, he was captured and changed.


Abaddon's location is unknown, and/or unspecified.

Political StandingEdit

As the Progenitor of gargoyles, Abaddon is revered, feared, and thought to be dead.


The first of his kind, Abaddon has three forms:

Stone form 1: A gargoyle statue (more accurately known as a grotesque)
Stone form 2: A true gargoyle, meaning a water spout. This form reflects his grotesque form, but is able to hang from the side of a building and spew water. He can choose between these forms at will. He shares the general wachter vogel inability to form hair from his skin
Humanoid form: Abaddon is a large, powerful man with gold skin and completely black eyes like all gargoyles


Abaddon was thought killed at the battle where the women and children of the Berradin Clan were killed.

Spoiler InformationEdit

Gargoyle cover3

Original Guardian of the Abyss cover

In Guardian of the Abyss, Abaddon rescues Sarah. They end up living in Vermont at the Waltham Park and Reserve. Their presence there is kept top secret.

The image on the original Guardian of the Abyss Cover was supposed to be an artist rendering of Abaddon in his human form.