Corran Berrin

Corran Berrin shows up in A Wolf's Song and A Gargoyle's Might. He is a staple around The Love Bite, even though he seems to change jobs there like most people change socks.

General InformationEdit

Simaree has long been attempting to convince Corran to enter a Dryad Offspring Contract with her. For reasons of his own, he has refused so far. Rumor has it that they may feature in a book of their own at some future point.


Son to Mason Berrin

Brother to Hamish Berrin

Employee of Tallis Sharpe


Corran lives in Waltham Park and Reserve at New Galatia.

Pack RankEdit

Corran is a member of the Berradin Pack. He is not ranked outside of 'member' within the pack.


Corran works at various jobs around Waltham Park and Reserve. Each time he goofs a job, Tallis moves him.


Corran was on his first Full Moon initiation 400 years ago when their village was attacked. Although he's not that much younger than Hamish, however, he has a perpetual boyish quality to him that has gotten him in constant trouble with employment as well as various law enforcement groups throughout the ages.