Simaree, Vermont Area Dryad Queen

Dryads have a very rigid set of rules regarding their offspring and are obsessed with beauty and balance. They are exceptionally vain and cannot stand ugliness.

Dryads are not 'out'.


- Dryads are able to communicate with animals and plants, making it easy for them to grow fabulous gardens

- Dryads can control the weather within a limited locale, making it easy for them to maintain springtime conditions in order to have access to vegetation all year long

- They are able to levitate for very short periods of time

- Dryads can walk on water

- They are able to appear human for short periods of time

- Dryads can confuse the mind and make people get lost in the woods (they cannot do this in a city)


- Dryads cannot eat meat; upon doing so, they will lose their powers for short periods based upon how much they have eaten, becoming very humanlike

- They cannot maintain the appearance of being human for long

- Their foul tempers when dealing with other races cause other races to demand contracts for absolutely all interactions with dryads


Energetic alignment: Light

Polarity: Feminine


- Purple
- Indigo
- Orange


Dryads have localized heirarchies, and various groups have little communication, as competition is fierce amongst them. There is one Queen who resides over the local coven, and the rest establish a pecking order amongst themselves that fluctuates sometimes as frequently as daily. There is no centralized 'government' or 'leader' so to speak, although all of the dryad queens must agree to change or create rules--one of the reasons there are so few.

Dryad LawEdit

According to Dryad law, a dryad may not give birth to another dryad until her own mother has died. At which point, she is required to give birth to a dryad. The number of dryads in any given coven is never allowed to fluctuate for more than the length of time it takes to create a contract and produce a child.

Dryads frequently make contracts with werewolves and other species to give them children. These are called "contract children" and the rules governing these contracts are extremely strict. There are many benefits to these arrangements for the dryads, for pregnancy is no inconvenience to them. They also have a rare ability to control their reproduction to a high degree with various species.

They refuse any and all contracts with gargoyles, stating that "they are too ugly".