Lincoln's stone form.

Gargoyles are magical creatures who are generally seen by humans as "grotesques" or "gargoyles". They are more than mere statues, however.

They announced their presence to the world 5 years after vampires did; leading to a wholesale "Cleanse" of them by nearly every single religious group on the planet.


- Gargoyles have two ways of vanishing, they can step into the secondary plane, or they can simply cause their molecular structure to vibrate so rapdily that they appear to vanish

- They are able to make their wings come out or return into their back at will

- Their vision is exceptional. In stone form, they are able to see in every direction, and can focus on molecular levels or even cosmic levels

- They have two different forms

- They are exceptionally strong and durable, as they are made of stone in every form

- They do not need to breathe or to eat/consume fuel

- They can replenish and heal themselves by absorbing energy from the earth, the sun, or the wind

- Gargoyles can communicate across vast distances if they are not surrounded by water



Abaddon in his gargoyle form, slowly recovering from centuries underwater.

- Water holds many dangers for gargoyles, including inability to change form, inability to replenish themselves, and a continual wearing away of their stone form

- They are unable to reproduce except with human women--who find them to be abominations and will generally refuse

- They are exceptional guards, but they are frequently shunned even by other Supernatural creatures

- Unscrupulous Supernaturals hunt them for their healing 'blood'


Gargoyles have no heirarchy, which was part of their downfall during "The Great Cleanse" when they stepped out into the world and announced their existence. Had they had leadership, fewer may have fallen to the human technology and hunting parties.


All but a few select individuals have two specific forms (a notable exception is Abaddon):

-- Stone form: This form is the form that humans are most likely to see them in, squatting on buildings or hanging off of them. They can, with limitations, control the size of this form and be larger or smaller (a notable exception to this is Murmur, who is unable to control the size of his stone form).

-- Humanoid form: In this form, they have skin the color of various different stones. Abaddon is gold, Lincoln is copper, for example. They look like human statues with wings and black eyes, in essence.

Gargoyle TypesEdit

There are two types of gargoyles, which is related to their stone form:

- Grotesques: These are what most people think of as "gargoyles"
- Wachter Vogels: These are what are nowdays commonly called "water spouts"
- Wachter Vogels are shorter than Grotesques. They also are almost exclusively incapable of forming their skin into hair or other intricate forms such as belt buckles or shoe laces