Unfortunately, goblins do not like to be photographed. This one appears to be a homeless "fringe" goblin (as evidenced by his clothing and his weight), which is likely the only reason he got caught on film at all.

Goblins are the masters (and mistresses) of commerce in The Supernaturals. They are particularly fond of coffee, and it is this which others use in order to bargain with them for services such as spells or enchanted items. They are very pragmatic creatures, but not as greedy as they are claimed to be by most Supernaturals.


- They are able to hide themselves from humans, by living on the secondary plane

- Goblins have a variety of magical skills

- They are legal wizards, able to craft lengthy and specific legal documents

- They are especially given towards running charities of various types, such as orphanages, soup kitchens, and the like.


- They are unable to appear anything remotely like humans

- Their ability to blend in with their environment if they can't step into the secondary plane is limited to between 5-7 minutes, depending on the magical skills of the individuals

- They are not well liked, and thus dealing with them can be tricky

- Despite their general carpricious nature, they are creatures of light


Energetic alignment: Light

Polarity: Feminine


- Orange
- Red
- Indigo