Hamish Berrin's relationship with Desiree Norton (Berrin) is the main focus of A Wolf's Song.

Hamish Berrin, werewolf.

General informationEdit

Hamish Berrin is a 500+ year old werewolf (his exact age is unknown at this time). He is son to Mason Berrin,

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brother to Corran Berrin, and husband to Desiree (Norton) Berrin.

Hamish is the main male character of A Wolf's Song, and also appears in Guardian of the Abyss.



Desiree (Norton) Berrin

Husband to Desiree (Norton) Berrin

Son to Mason Berrin

Brother to Corran Berrin

Employee of Tallis Sharpe


Hamish lives in New Galatia.

Previously located in the British Isles, specific location unknown

Pack RankEdit

Previously satellite bachelor

Currently Alpha of Berradin Pack


Hamish is a freelance contractor with Hippogriff Industries. He works for Tallis on an as-needed basis.


400 years ago, a small village in the British Isles was attacked and destroyed by an army of Deathwalkers and Ghouls led by a small corp of Rakshasa. Hamish's then wife, Mayra, was forced to kill herself in order to prevent being taken by the Deathwalkers, which is a fate worse than death. Since then, Hamish has lived with the belief that he will never have a soul mate, for Mayra had no way to reincarnate.