Michael, the Ifrit leader. Although a half-breed, he is one of the most powerful Ifriti there is.

Ifriti (singular: ifrit) are fire spirits who are able to take on human form and command the element of fire.


What little is known about them:

- Ifriti can generate fire

- They can control fire

- They can guide, direct, or consume fire

- Ifriti can generate heat, even without creating a fire

- They can, in rare instances, be revived through the simple expedient of lighting their body on fire


From what is known about ifriti (and there is believed to be much more):

- Ice or water can rapidly consume an Ifrit's power reserves, if he or she dies this way, they cannot be revived

- Their ability to control fire deteriorates in two conditions; starvation and glut

- If they become overly glutted with fire, they become volatile and may explode

- It is exceptionally difficult for Ifriti to control their hunger in the presence of excess fire (There is a massive crater in Russia which shows what is possible when an elder ifrit gluts himself)

- Ifriti need time to refresh themselves if they use too much energy. Their favorite place for this is volcanos, where there is plenty of heat without the surplus of fire. Even here, an ifrit can glut themselves, and cause an eruption, which destroys them


Little is known about Ifrit magic, as they guard their secrets well.

Energetic alignment: Light

Polarity: Unknown

Colors: Unknown


There is little Heirarchy in the Ifrit Imperium. For the most part, Michael Iulius Hephestaois is the Emperor, but does little other than hunt down rogues and liason with other races on behalf of the Imperium.

The ImperiumEdit

The Ifrit Imperium is a loose collective of the many Ifriti in the world. It is mostly for the benefit of other races so that they believe the Ifrit kingdom to be self-policing. Which it is, although only loosely so.