Ivory Hamishdotter (Berrin)

Ivory is the leading lady of A Gargoyle's Might.

General InformationEdit

Under a spell, Ivory was a statue of Ivory for around 400 years. In A Wolf's Song, she is freed; but all is not yet well.


Daughter to Hamish Berrin.

Daughter to Brigida.

Granddaughter to Mason Berrin.

Niece to Corran Berrin.


Ivory lives in New Galatia, the werewolf town in Waltham Park and Reserve.


Ivory is working on learning this new world she finds herself lost in.

Spoiler InformationEdit

As noted, this section contains spoilers for A Wolf's Song and A Gargoyle's Might.

After she is released from her stone tomb, Ivory is taken to live with Hamish and Desiree. With Lincoln as her bodyguard, she must find her way; a difficult prospect for someone spoiled by her mother for ten years before being attacked by said mother. To say that Ivory has "issues" would be an understatement. She did not weather being a statue very well.