Kim and her son, Drake.

Kim is a single mother and is leading lady in My Love Under Cover.

General InformationEdit


My Love Under Cover front cover



Kim has gone to a short stint of Community College, although she chose to stop when she got pregnant with Drake. She has stated that she never regretted either, and never will. She has remained skeptical in the extreme about anything to do with vampires, having never met one until the events of My Love Under Cover.


Mother to Drake

Widow of Alex Parrish

Daughter-in-law of Helen Parrish


Wisteria, Maine


Kim works at Lenny's Maccheroni Ristaurante in Wisteria, Maine. She is a waitress there, although she basically runs the floor.


Kim got pregnant when her then-boyfriend Alex sabotaged her birth control. They got married because of the baby, but they were in a car accident before Kim could divorce him. Although uninjured in the accident, Kim retains no memory of it. Drake was also not injured, but Alex perished. Kim maintains that it was foul play, but cannot recall why she is convinced it was true.