Lincoln's stone form.

Lincoln is a gargoyle who introduces Desiree to her true nature in A Wolf's Song.

General InformationEdit

Lincoln is the leading man in A Gargoyle's Might. He assists Tallis in keeping Waltham Park and Reserve free of intruders, among other assistance as needed.


Lincoln resides in New Galatia, although he is often to be found near Ivory, Desiree, or Hamish.

Political StandingEdit

Although the gargoyles have at most a loose hierarchy, Lincoln would be at or near the top of it. He liases with the other races on their behalf. When they were being systematically eliminated, it was Lincoln who stood up for them to Thanatos and appealed for his assistance in learning how to hide themselves from humans once more.


Stone form: Chimera; a winged cat with eagle's claws and a horse's tail

Humanoid form color: Copper


Lincoln was present at the massacre 400 years ago at the werewolf village. He was young and he survived the fight, but only barely. Left for dead, it took 18 long years as a statue to replenish himself enough to be able to shift to humanoid again.