Mason Berrin.

Mason Berrin is father to Corran and Hamish Berrin, as well as other children not present in any novels yet. At over 700 years old, he has a number of sons and daughters, but only Corran and Hamish are in the Berradin Pack.

General InformationEdit

Mason is a werewolf of the Berradin Pack. He is over 700 years old. He was leading the pack on a full moon hunt the night of the attack on the werewolf village that left Hamish's first wife and all the children of the village dead.


Father to Hamish Berrin

Father to Corran Berrin


Mason lives in Waltham Park and Reserve, at the werewolf town of New Galatia.

Pack RankEdit

As of the beginning of A Wolf's Song, Mason is Alpha of the Berradin Pack.


Mason is Head of Security for The Love Bite, a Casino, bar, and hotel owned by Tallis Sharpe's thrall.


Mason was born in the Highlands of Scotland and lived there for hundreds of years. He chose about 15 years ago to start looking like he was aging.

Spoiler InformationEdit

In A Wolf's Song, we meet Mason when Desiree first encounters him. He aids her a way that gives us clues as to his true nature. In A Gargoyle's MIght, we discover that true nature more closely for ourselves.