Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt is the leading lady of Guardian of the Abyss.

General InformationEdit

Abyss Cover

Cover of Guardian of the Abyss

Sarah owned and ran her own company prior to ending up in the Trench with Abaddon. Coming from a well-off family, she was able to build the company through a loan from her father. A thrill-seeker, she is a free diver; which was how she ended up trapped in the Gulf Stream Trench off of Bimini.



Abaddon in his gargoyle form, slowly recovering from centuries underwater.

Wife of the gargoyle, Abaddon


Sarah lives in Vermont with Abaddon.


Due to circumstances outside of her control, Sarah no longer works. Previously, she owned and operated Holt Outfitters.


Sarah and Abaddon's story is told in Guardian of the Abyss.

Spoiler InformationEdit

As noted, this section contains spoilers for a number of books, including Guardian of the Abyss.

Sarah becomes the second ever female gargoyle, and is the first to become pregnant. She was changed under the life-or-death circumstances of Guardian of the Abyss.

She now lives in Vermont in the dome that holds Thanatos and Alexis captive.