Stavros, Vampire Minister.

Stavros is arguably the second most powerful vampire in the entire vampire hierarchy. He is the Minister of Justice for the vampire Kingdom.

General InformationEdit


The Minister's Paige cover


Paige Matthews

No one knows how old Stavros is. Even Stavros doesn't know. His history and his motivations are shrouded in mystery and lost to history. He is both the single most feared--and hated--vampire in the world. At least by other vampires.


Kindred Source and lover to Paige Matthews


Location unknown--probably by design. Being the most hated vampire in the world can make one secretive.

Vampire Kingdom RankEdit

Stavros is the Minister of Justice, the second most powerful rank in the vampire Kingdom, although since he has the power of life and death over all vampires, even the Monarch, his rank as second in debatable.


Little is currently known about this mysterious vampire at this time.