The true form of a syragh.

Pronounced 'sir-aff'. Syragh are angelic seeming beings of immense power. They are beings of light, but they are unpredictable since they seem to know more of the 'big picture' than any other race.


Syragh are powerful magic users, though physically insubstantial. They are able to cast spells using complex, indecipherable glyphs. Little more than that is known about them.


Syraghs are psychic constructs. As such, they can be unmade by their creator. Beyond that, little else is known about them except that they must hide as humans to avoid other Supernaturals. Even light Supernaturals are known to hunt them and kill them. Their immense power and unpredictability make them both frightening to hunt, and frightening to allow to live.


Energetic state: Light/ Positive

Polarity: Feminine




Syraghs are created by humans through significant faith in angels or other beings. Humans who are excessive in their faith or devotion may create a syragh, who will be their guardian until the human's death. At that point, the syragh is released, and becomes a being in its own right.

Misc. NotesEdit

Syragh are androgenous until great loneliness causes them to take on a human aspect in order to interact with others. Once they do so, their physical form will take on all human attributes of the gender they choose. They will also retain the majority, but not all, of their syragh powers.

Once their human form is abandoned or destroyed, their full syragh powers return. Once returned to syragh form, they are harder to destroy--but the destruction of the syragh in its natural form is the only complete destruction of them.