Tallis Sharpe

Tallis Sharpe is the Potentate Monarch of the Vermont and surrounding Vampire Territory.

In A Wolf's SongEdit

In A Wolf's Song, Tallis is Hamish, Corran, and Mason Berrins' boss. As local Potentate Monarch, he oversees the trial of Brigida (dryad).

In My Love Under CoverEdit

In My Love Under Cover, Tallis is the liason between Michael and the Vampire High Monarch, Queen Nerianne (see Vampire Hierarchy). He is also a big pain in Kim's ass.

In A Gargoyle's MightEdit

In A Gargoyle's Might, Tallis is dealing with the presence of the Huntress, as well as dealing with the potential problem of a sorceress appearing again after thousands of years without one.

In A Vampire's AccountingEdit

Tallis is the leading man in A Vampire's Accounting


Little is known at this time about Tallis' history, except that he is amongst the eldest vampires. He is also considered to be one of the least self-controlled, and is prone to rages and violence. Historically, he is the first into battle and the last to leave.


Tallis is moody and capricious. He is known for his appreciation for a broad spread of human women, and his general disdain for vampire women. He is extremely secretive, and his motives are perpetually unclear.


Tallis resides at the Love Bite Casino's Hotel, the Twice Shy.

Properties OwnedEdit

Tallis owns Hippogriff Industries through a human thrall, which is in turn the 'owner' of The Love Bite Casino, the town of New Galatia, the Waltham Park and Reserve, and various other unknown holdings.


The only known abilities for Tallis at this time are standard vampire abilities.