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The Wiki for Being, Supernatural, a book group by author Shannon Phoenix. Vampires, gargoyles, werewolves and more put in an appearance in this unique group of books.

The Being, Supernatural UniverseEdit

The Being, Supernatural Universe is the setting for a group of novels by author Shannon Phoenix. There are multiple races in the Being, Supernatural Universe, only a handful of which are known at this time.

The world of the Supernatural beings is much like ours, with microwave ovens, SUVs, and cell phones. Ten years ago, vampires stepped forward to be acknowledged. They explained that they could live on animal blood, and always had. Their welcome was mixed, but most refused to surface. Contrary to the stories, vampire blood is poisonous to humans in any amount larger than the fraction of a drop, a fact that vampires have fought to keep out of the public eye.

Five years after vampires, desperate to revive their species from the brink of extinction, gargoyles also made themselves known. Unlike the less-than-stellar, but yet ultimately indifferent welcome the vampires received, gargoyles were almost universally loathed. Massive search parties were formed and gargoyles were hunted. New technology was created to expose them, until they were able to escape into hiding once more.

Other races, such as werewolves and trow, chose to heed the warning the gargoyles presented, and have continued on in hiding.

The Supernaturals books tell the stories of those who live in this world, and must abide by its rules.

  • Michael from My Love Under Cover
  • Kim and Drake from My Love Under Cover
  • Ivory from A Wolf's Song and A Gargoyle's Might
  • Simaree, Dryad Queen
  • Guardian of the Abyss, Supernatural Singles
  • Desiree Norton, A Wolf's Song
  • Hamish Berrin, Werewolf in A Wolf's Song
  • Tallis Sharpe, Vampire Potentate
  • The Minister's Paige, Supernatural Singles
  • My Love Under Cover, Supernatural Singles
  • A Wolf's Song, Supernaturals Now

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Abyss Cover

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