The complex ranking system used by the vampires of The Supernaturals

The High MonarchEdit

This is the highest ranking official in the vamp hierarchy.

- May be High Queen or High King
- Referred to as Queen or King, or The Monarch
- Direct address is "Your Grace" or "My Queen/ My King"
- Current reigning High Monarch is Queen Nerianne


Below the High Monarch is the Parliament. Parliament is a group of vampires who, ostensibly, lobby to and give advice to the High Monarch on behalf of the Domains, which are groups of Territories.

Members of Parliament, also leaders of Domains, are called High Lords.

The Minister of JusticeEdit

The Minister of Justice, currently Stavros, is responsible for meting out punishments. He also solves disputes too small or petty to be taken to Parliament, yet too large to be determined by Domain Justices or their Lords.


Leaders of Domains, which are groupings of smaller sections called Territories. Northern North America is one such Domain. This Domain includes the Territory of New England, which is presided over by Tallis Sharpe.

If a Lord is also part of Parliament, he or she is called a High Lord (women are not called Lady, but Lord/High Lord).

Domain JusticesEdit

Domain Justices, just called Justice SoAndSo, are responsible for meting out the decisions of Lords and High Lords against Potentate Monarchs or their subjects.

Potentate MonarchsEdit

Typically referred to as a Monarch (not THE Monarch), they are addressed as they choose; typically Potentate. They have control over Territories. Tallis Sharpe is a Potentate Monarch. Potentates administer their own justice as they see fit. If one of their subjects feels they are treated unjustly, they must appeal to their Domain Lord.